2nd Camera - The Bones on Greenwich Shore feature film 2016

Cinematographer/Camera - The Origami Man feature film teaser 2015-6

Camera Operator/2nd DOP - The Thorn of the Rose (O Espinho da Rosa), a feature ghost story shot in Lisbon

Cinematographer/Camera - The Dream Cages  a feature fiction film shot in China. Jan. 2010- May 2011


Cinematographer - The Sacred Run, The Lotus and the Feather documentary 16mm  55min filmed 1995 in Japan, completed 2002.   (www.dragonflyfilms.ca)  (director Andrea Sadler, Producer Vision TV)

Camera - Critical Mass documentary, 5 min. DVCam, 2005 

Camera - Good Fences Make Good Neighbours documentary, 8 min. DVCam, 2005 

Camera - The Audiophile Club of Athens documentary, 20min. DVCam, 2006

Camera -  Dog-u-mentally: A Guy and his (neigbour's) Dog 18min. miniDV   2000

Camera - Tracing a Trooper  for TyFish films 2014

Camera - Letters to Ellen  for TyFish films 2013

Camera - A Man After My Own Heart about life long political activist Ernest Rodker 2012 TyFish Films

Camera 'Inside Outer'  about London Artist Nigel Ellis  December 2011  TyFish Films

Camera - NHK Japan's UK Premier League Football Weekly Show  April 2011

Camera - Kodawari Life Europe: Bialowieza, Europe’s Last Primeval Forest NHK-TV Japan.  Oct. 2010  

Camera - University City Savages, a feature documentary shot in China.  Mar. 2009 to April 2010

Documentaries for  NHK Cosmo Media Europe:  (Japan's National Public Broadcaster, London Office)                 

2nd Camera -  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Faroe Islands World Cup Dream' HDCam 20’ Bcst November  2008 NHK

2nd Camera - Kodawari Life Europe: 'CCTV City of Surveillance' HDCam 20’ Bcst Sept. 2008 NHK

2nd Camera - Kodawari Life Europe: 'Saving Iceland' HDCam 20’ Bcst August 2007 NHK

2nd Camera -  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Return of the Wolves' HDCam 20’for NHK.  Bcst June 2007 NHK

Music, Concerts, Dance and Events 

Cinematographer/Camera - Itchy Teeth’s Marika Hackman music video 2015

Camera - for A Moving Sound, WOMAD July 2012

Camera - for Concert footage for ABC Calypso July, August and October 2011 and August 2012

Cinematographer/Camera - for Itchy Teeth Back in the Day Music video April 2011

Cinematographer//Camera - The Fire Music video Nov. 2010  

Camera - for Kazzum Children’s Theatre Blobs Nov. 2009 

Camera - for dance production Tea With Me MiniDV, Kanazawa, Japan 2001 and Akio Suzuki/Junko Wada music and dance performance Japan 1996

Corporate and Charity Promos

Cinematographer/Camera - Vodafone Corporate Videos (x100+)

Cinematographer - Rhodes Trust 110th Anniversary Tribute 2013

Camera - Guangzhi City Tourist Promo for C-Cubed Media London 2012

Camera - Seven Beach Aid  short documentary to support victims of Japan's tsunami 2012

Camera - Meridian Hill doc on International Baccalaureate schools 2012

Camera - Duane Morris (for Fletcher Wilson) 2011

Camera - Insight Investments (for MDA Training) 2011

Camera - Web Promo for AlterKeys 2011

Camera - The Last River  WWF funded film about re-naturalisation of canalised rivers in the alps, documentary, HDV Sept-Oct 2006  (director Sam Wild) 

Camera - The Return of the Wolf to Switzerland' documentary, HDV Oct. 2006  (director Sam Wild, Produced by WWF)